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Small Charity Package

Are you Missing Out on Free Charity Advertising with Google Grants?

Google is one of the world’s biggest advertising platforms and plays a pivotal role in many people’s daily lives.  Your Charity or Not for Profit Organisation could benefit from a grant of up to £7500 a month of Charity Advertising with Google if you qualify.

What are Google Ad Grants?

The Google Ads Grants programme (also known as Google Grants) gives charities and non-profits the ability to advertise on Google for free. Eligible charities can get grants each month to spend on Google PPC advertising and are available to charities large and small as long as you meet the criteria.

What is Google PPC Advertising?

In this context, the PPC Advertising is related to Google Search and they are the sponsored links that appear whenever you search on Google.

Charity Advertising

Companies pay to target search terms which they believe will convert into sales, Google is in effect allowing you to do the same thing for free.

What are the benefits?

Charity Advertising with Google Ads is a great way to drive people to your website, once they are there you can use the opportunity to raise awareness of your charity, sell raffle tickets or ask for donations. The more traffic you drive the more revenue you can attract and it isn’t costing a thing.

An added benefit is brand recognition, since people will see your advert even if they don’t click on it you have a small amount of time to grab their attention, that will make future campaigns even more productive.

Finally, you’ll be collecting data such as age, gender and location which is useful in future targeting.

Making the Most of Your Grant

Once you are up you need to make the most of the charity advertising opportunity.  Creating adverts is a time consuming and frustrating endeavour. Choosing the right words, pointing them at the right landing page and getting maximum value for each click is more of a science than art but to the uninitiated, it can seem almost impossible. 

Here are our top tips

  • Manage the budget carefully look for value search terms, “animal charity donations” has less competition than “charity donations”
  • Choose compelling headlines, you have 60 characters to grab attention, don’t waste it
  • Have many variants of headlines and ad copy, Google will manage things for you and use the best ones.
  • Make sure when the advert is clicked they go straight to a page where they can take action, people get frustrated easily online.
  • Use power words and emotive language, if you are not sure there is loads of help on this topic online.
  • Don’t always bid to be in the first position, it’s costly and less important than you think.
  • If you really don’t know what you are doing, get help, Google has free online courses.

 Sign me up!

I’m sure you are keen to get started but there are a few steps to take first.

  • You’ll need to hold registered charity status first of all
  • You also need a high-quality website with substantial content
  • Your website will need to carry the required security certifications
  • Government bodies, schools, academic institutions, Universities and hospitals do not qualify
  • You’ll need to sign up with Charity Digital as it serves as the intermediary between charities and Google in the UK
  • You’ll then need to set up a Google Ads account
  • Now you’ll need to set up your ad campaigns

Don’t just ignore it, it might be a free grant but it could turn into a serious revenue stream to keep your charity afloat

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