Your business should make you money not just your suppliers.

Despite sales improving, your business does not seem to be growing very fast, if at all. Why is this?

It could be for several reasons, such as your cost per acquisition has increased, your margins have been squeezed, or your average sale value has decreased. Whatever it is, it’s a sign you need to tweak your business model ASAP.

We have distilled our experience into our ten top tips for “How do I grow my business?”

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Retain Your Existing Customers

It may seem obvious, but you need to keep what you have got, it is much easier to keep a customer than find a new one. Spend quality time with them, don’t take them for granted and always, always seek feedback.

Get More Customers

It goes without saying getting more customers is one way of growing your business, see our article “How do I get more customers?”

Be More Profitable

There is little point trying to get new business if you don’t make a profit from it. See our article “How do I make more profit?”

Keep Good Staff

Your business relies on having the right people, good people are productive and profitable for your business. The cost and uncertainty of finding replacements alone should act as an incentive to find out what makes them happy.

Replace Poor Staff

Don’t retain useless “warm bodies”. Have a plan to replace anyone who isn’t up to scratch, it’s business! Bad employees cost you good employees, and potentially clients.

Set Some Goals

Set some growth targets in stone, 3, 6 and 12 months at a time. Incentivise yourself and others a reward for achieving them and keep them constantly reviewed.

Organise an Event

Getting customers, prospects or staff out of a work environment fosters a team spirit, helps to build loyalty and creates opportunities for growth and ideas.

Check Out The Competition

Look at your competitors, copy and improve anything they do right, and avoid doing what they do wrong.

Be Easy to Deal With

Make it as easy to do business with you as possible, examine your buying process and remove any barriers.

Get Support

Get outside help when you need it. Accountants, management consultants, marketing agencies, innovation consultants etc. will save you making expensive mistakes and should quickly pay for themselves.

How Do I Grow My Business?

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