Your idea turned into a business, but where are all your customers?

Although we understand that small business owners face the same challenges, a secret we want to share with you is that even when we were with big businesses with market dominance, we still had to compete for new customers.

Obviously, having a combined 70 years of business experience, we know a thing or two about landing new clients, so here are our top ten tips on “how do I get more customers?”


Encourage your clients to refer new customers, incentivise them with rewards/discounts/introducers fees if necessary.


Get out there and meet other businesses, it’s one of the most effective ways to get new customers and pick up information about key industries you want to target.

Introductory Discounts

Everyone likes to think they are getting a good deal, an introductory offer might just get you over the line.

Lapsed Clients

Customer’s leave for a number of reasons and often they realise they made a mistake but are too proud to come back and own up to the mistake, go to them and make it easy for them to return.

Use Social Media

Get the word out with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter. A word of caution don’t rely on free posts you’ll need to add some budget in order to reach new potential clients.

Create Your Own Referral Network

Partner with complementary businesses, you refer them, they refer you.

Get to the Top of Google

Improve your website and use search engine optimisation to rank for your targeted search terms. If you don’t have the time or knowledge, use an agency, it will cost less than hiring someone.

Community & Charity

Take part in local events and charity work. It will do some good, improve your brand image and expand your network.

Get Publicity

Generate some publicity, write a press release, offer news outlets expert opinions (if you can back it up) or do some high profile charity work.

Make Some Calls

Make some phone calls, yep, don’t email people pick up the phone and speak.

how do I get more customers

You wanted to know “How do I get more customers?” so now you know, talking’s over it’s time for action.

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