If used correctly, Facebook can become a powerful sales driver for your business, regardless of how you feel about it.

Keep in mind that Facebook is an interactive tool, and you can’t control what people write about you, so make sure to respond professionally rather than taking it personally.

Do you want to get the most out of Facebook? Our top ten tips for “how often should I post on my Facebook business page?”

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1. Quality Over Quantity

Aim for two or three times per week unless you have a lot of interaction. More frequent posting with low traction will count against you as Facebook will determine nobody likes your posts.

2. Moving Pictures

Use video when you can, they attract the eye and grab the attention. There are lots of free video tools on the internet, you don't have to be Steven Spielberg to create one.

3. Don't Post for the Sake of It

If you don't have anything interesting to say, don't say it.

4. Who Are You?

Create a social brand or persona, there is nothing worse that inconsistent posting.

5. Lift Off

Boost your posts every time, even if it's only £1, target it wisely and use them to get more engagement from people that aren't already engaged with your brand.

6. Judge Me

Ask customers to post reviews if they have a had a good experience, make sure you like and share them.

7. Have I Got Your Attention

Use strong imagery and headlines, you really have seconds to capture people's interest. Sadly clickbait still works but use it wisely.

8. Keep It Down

Keep it brief, people are browsing not reading, keep war and peace for your blog.

9. Make a Hash of It

#Hashtag and @ whenever you can to make your post searchable and give context.

10. It's Business

Don't mix your personal views with your business account, the risk of causing offence outweighs your self-righteous glow.

So that’s our top ten tips on “how often should I post on my Facebook business page?” do you agree? Leave a comment below.

how often should I post on my Facebook business page?

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