It’s your digital salesman, always there waiting to sell things to potential customers.

The majority of businesses need websites, but how do you know if the one you invested in is effective?

“What makes a good website for Google?” gets a different answer to “what makes a good website for conversion?” as there is always a trade-off between design, user experience and SEO.

Since this makes for a very complicated answer, we have put together our top ten tips for assessing “what makes a good website”

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High Traffic, Low Conversion

Do you get a lot of traffic but no conversion? If so, that’s more than likely an indicator that there is a problem with your website.

Low Traffic Volumes

Conversely, if your website gets very little traffic it may be more reflective of your marketing strategy rather than website design, or it could be both. If your website doesn’t rank for the searches you need it to, then it’s time to look at SEO.

Use it Yourself

Try to use the website as a customer, how easy is it to navigate? How easy to buy things or contact you?

Get Other People to Use It

Get someone unfamiliar with your business to look at your website and tell you what your business is and what product or services you are selling. Ask them to send you a contact form or buy something. What was their feedback? Could they do it without you helping?

Mobile First

How does your website function on a mobile phone? For most businesses most of your enquiries and traffic will be on a mobile, check your analytics to see which are the most common devices.

Lazy People

People are lazy online, take a look at your pages without scrolling down, you’ll be amazed how many people don’t. Now is it clear what the page is for? Is there a way to contact/buy from you? Does your Logo take up most of the space?

The Competition

How does it compare to your competitors? How does it look? How easy is it to use? What do they have you like that your website doesn’t?

How Long Does Your Page Take to Load?

Slow page loads = poor user experience = high bounce rate = low search rankings. Videos and photo’s look great but slow your website down, are they necessary, or can they be compressed?

Freshen Up

When was the last time you updated any content? Websites need fresh content like blogs or new pages to help with SEO and keep people coming back.

A Dogs Dinner

Have you got a brand image, simple things like a colour palette, using the same font, keeping headings the same height, standard page layouts & no spelling mistakes etc. Jumbled, mismatched pages show a lack of professionalism and are off-putting for users.

What Makes a Good Website?

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