event management


1-2-1 or thousands in attendance, nothing beats events for connecting with your customers

Plan, Prepare and produce

Relax we’ve got this

Events have a wide range of marketing purposes, including winning and retaining clients, rewarding staff, celebrating anniversaries or building your brand to become more recognisable.  

We have been providing event management for the over 20 years, including high-profile events such as the Pride of Britain and small events such as golf days and corporate hospitality. 

In the sales process, events play a unique role; you rarely have the opportunity to spend more than an hour or two with great sales prospects in a more relaxed environment. Additionally, they are an excellent way to position your brand as a thought leader on a particular subject, which is a very important step in building your brand’s value. Last but not least, events play an important role in the positioning of key members of staff as experts and helping to elevate the profile of these individuals.  


It is often hard to get a meeting with prospective clients, they know you are trying to sell to them and they have busy diaries.

At 4th Revolution, we often put on events of our own, such as golf days and conferences and we send the invites.

We’ll design an event that appeals to the people you want to meet and invite them for you.


Maybe you already have events you plan, or are planning and need to take it to the next level, we can do that too.

We’ll organise everything from the guest list to the AV to the gift bags and because we put many events on we’ll get bigger discounts, saving you money.

Using our Marketing Expertise we’ll even handle the promotion, sit back we’ve got this.

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