Why You Need Event Managers

Event Management for Busy People

There are times when your company has to put an event on, such as celebrating an anniversary, rewarding loyal customers, incentivising staff or generating revenue.

  Unfortunately, not every business can afford to employ an events team which is why you need the services of event managers such as 4th Revolution.

The Alternatives

It’s tempting to decide to go it alone, after all, you’ve got an admin team and there’s always someone in the company who likes to organise those social events. What could go wrong? Maybe you are even thinking of recruiting for an events team. Forgetting the time and cost of recruiting, hiring the right person is not a certainty so it could prove a costly error.

Event Management is Complex

Even the smallest event to manage is made up of hundreds of little details, larger ones can be thousands.  Each of those details needs to be planned and actioned at the right time, we’ve been to events that have been organised by lovely Tracey in accounts. It was not pretty!  Good event management is not remembering to invite your biggest customer, it’s making sure every detail works seamlessly from staging, to table decorations, to ordering the food (we are looking at you, Tracey).

Event Organising

Our team are very experienced at event organising.  We cut our teeth on high profile events such as the Pride of Britain and important corporate events like business awards.  We’ve event managed golf days for Turkish Airlines and international trade delegations to foreign shores for UKTI (well someone has to do it!).  

Project Management

Event organising and project management are one and the same.  They require strategic planning from day one, each action planned, tracked and signed off.  Our event timeline includes small things like “proofread invites” as well as big things such as “send room payment”.  Nothing is left to chance and we take the same approach event organising a drinks reception for a few key clients or dinner for 2,500 dignitaries.

The right event works

You run a business, how many sales calls a day do you field and how many do you actually take? All business owners suffer the same frustrations. That’s why your sales teams sometimes struggle to open doors, sales fatigue. Now imagine several hours of entertainment with key people you want to do business with.  That’s quality business relationship time, no selling just enjoying the event. We know we’ve been matchmakers for hundreds of companies large and small.

Your Event or Our Event? 

Our Event Management offering falls into three distinct categories.

Your Event Your Budget

It’s your event, you set the budget and the parameters we deliver.

Our Event Your Budget

You want to invite key clients and people to do business with, but you know they won’t turn up to be sold to.  We create an event with our media partner (UK News Group) and invite them and you to join us for some entertainment.

Joint Events

Empty rooms equal empty bank accounts if you have an underutilised function space and we have an event we know will sell (such as Christmas Parties) we’ll partner up. We’ll handle all the sales and marketing as well as the event Organising, you handle the food and beverage and we share in the success.

Call us or email andy@4threv.co.uk and find out how we can help you achieve that dream event.

Media Coverage

We’ve secured an online media partnership with UK News Group, a business focussed media outlet that guarantees coverage pre and post-event whatever is applicable.  Plus we’ll handle all the social media in the run-up and at the event.

Next Steps

Download our media pack below and get in touch.

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