4th Revolution Marketing is a relatively new agency set up by very experienced marketing professionals.  Our mission is to deliver the right kind of marketing at the right time to maximise the returns for our clients.

For too long this industry has been structured in a rigid way, only delivering one or two types of marketing services and charging high retainers to do so.  We set out to design an agency that is more flexible and uses short, medium and long term goals to develop a marketing plan to deliver results.

For example, there are times in a business cycle there are customers ready to buy, we call this existing market appetite.  Think of it as people trying to buy umbrellas in the rain!  

During these times it is important that your marketing strategy is to take as much of this share as possible. At other times existing market appetite is low which is the ideal time to spend more effort in long term strategies or trying to stimulate more appetite.

The good news is we manage the whole process for you and each month you get the results of the previous activity and detailed plans of the upcoming work.

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Andy George & Craig Cooksley